Friday, September 7, 2012

I Might As Well Be Eating Chips

It was Friday night and I was looking for something to nosh on.  A high caloric snack was off limits because I had a root beer float from Sonic that day. Honestly, I tried to be a good girl and ordered a mini-cup float.  The car hop brought me the regular size.
I asked the lady, "That's a mini?"
She said, "Oh, it's a regular. Did you want the mini?" and started walking away.
So I told her never mind I'll take it. Who am I to waste food with all the starving people in the world?
I'm no nutritionist but I'm sure that root beer float has a gazillion calories, hence the search for low-calorie foods. I found some celery and cherry tomatoes to munch on.  I know that salad dressing has a lot of calories so I choose hummus to accompany the celery. That should be harmless. So I'm leaning over the counter and my dog is smiling at me so I throw her some tomatoes.  I'm thinking to myself we are eating like good vegetarians and made a good choice instead of eating Doritos.  I'm bored just leaning over the counter and I turn the hummus container around to read the label.  To my surprise I see that 2 tbsp of hummus is 70 freakin' calories!  Well, gosh darn it, I might as well be eating chips.  I think I've already had about 6 tablespoons of hummus. Let's calculate  6 x 70 = 420 calories.  Doritos serving size is 11 chips and 150 calories.  It's a win for junk food.

On a sidenote:
I'm an idiot for cute stuff.  Look at these cherry tomatoes from Whole Foods that look like mini gourds. Aren't they just so cute? And who knew they still made these green baskets?  I'm going to save them for Easter crafts.

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