Friday, August 29, 2014

Family Scrap Page

My kids went back to school this week. It couldn't have come any sooner. This is the first time I was glad school started in August instead of September.When they were younger I became melancholy and wistful at the end of summer because I knew I would miss them while they were at school.  Boy oh boy, that has changed. There was no melancholy feeling this year. I couldn't wait for the peace and quiet to come to my house. My two boys bickered all summer long and I nearly lost my mind. I try not to interfere because they need to learn to resolve their squabbles on their own. I think it's good training for when they enter the real world and have to deal with jerks who rub them the wrong way. But there were moments when I called on Jesus because I was about to spew cuss words or just get in the car and drive far, far away. In those moments I had to stop their arguments for the sake of peace. Since school started it has been quiet enough for me to get my mind back a little closer to sanity. I also decided to do something for myself and worked on several scrap pages simultaneously. This is the one page I completed. 

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