About Me and When I Grow Up

I'm a shopaholic hiding under the guise of being housewife that keeps a household running in tiptop shape. As long as my visitors stay in the front living room of my house they might think I got my act together -- walking beyond the living room they will see how we really live. I have an amazing husband who has shown me what "to be loved" really means. We have been together since we were 17 years old and have been through so many tests and trials that our bond is stronger than ever. We have 2 boys separated by 5 years. I don't recommend spreading the kids that far apart. They never attend the same school and sometimes can't communicate very well because they are in different stages of growing up.

My boys seems to think I am their friend rather than their mom.  Perhaps it's because of the way I behave. I am addicted to video games, act immature at times, laugh loudly and hate rules that oppress one's individuality and creativity.

We have a chihuahua named Chimichanga, but we call her Chimi.  We should have named her Wilbur from "Charlotte's Web" because she's really a pig and snorts like one too.

We are foodies at heart. We were foodies before we even knew what it was. We love food and love watching TV shows about food. We have passed the love of food onto our children. They don't love everything yet, but at least they try new food and then decide whether they like it or not...usually not. At the age of 5 my youngest son ate calamari that was still in its original squid form. We were shocked that he ate it, but he's not so adventurous now.  My husband and I dream of going on vacations centralized around the eateries we've seen on Food Network and Cooking Channel.

I am interested in so many things such as baking, cooking, scrap booking, art, and writing, that I haven't honed in on perfecting one subject as a career to follow when my children have grown older.

I still think "When I grow up I want to...."

This About Sums It Up
So much to do and so little time. I feel like the white rabbit in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" running around looking at his timepiece and muttering "I'm Late, I'm late." One word to describe me at this time in my life is scatterbrained. The kids, scrapbooking, cooking, autism, homework, physical therapy, commitments, wasting time on the internet - all so time consuming. Who has time to clean & organize? The way I see it is that dust always returns but my memories won't so I need to write and create while I still have some sanity left.
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