Friday, September 5, 2014

Kiss Me

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.

- King James Bible

My husband and I celebrated our 19th anniversary in 2010 but I'm just now getting around to scrapping our picture from the night we went pig out at Piranha's Killer Sushi to celebrate. Piranha's has the best drinks. I need to go back there for the drinks and the food, but mainly the drinks.

When we were carefree, wild teenagers our love song was Stephen Tin Tin Duffy's "Kiss Me". 
When we grew older and started reading the bible we found out that the words from our song "kiss me with your mouth your love is better than wine" is actually in the bible from Song of Solomon. It was a wonderful surprise and made the song even better and I felt all warm and squishy inside like it was meant to be. But don't be fooled it is not a christian song. It's a very catchy dance song about love. If you're curious what "Kiss Me" sounds like I have the video below. 

This page has embellishments that has meaning about our lives so I added a legend below for my husband. If he actually ever reads my blog he can remember what I told him. When I talk to him about my scrapbook stuff I can see his brain going into just-say-yes-and-nod-your-head mode. The legend will be for me in my old age when I can't remember the meaning either.

1. Kiss Me With Your Mouth. Our Song by Stephen Tin Tin Duffy. 
2. Celebrating 19 years of marriage
3. Hot Air Balloon.  My dream is to ride a hot air balloon
4. Shakespeare's Sonnet 116. This is my favorite sonnet. 116 is also my birthdate.
5. Yellow Rose. We have a yellow rose of Texas comforter that we've used since we were married
6. Coffee Cup. We are both coffeeholics
7. Bikes. We used to ride bikes everywhere
8. Italian stamp. Our dream is to retire in Italy
9. Lady Bug. We called our youngest boy "baby bug" because he looked like
 the male lady bug from "A Bug's Life".

up close for details

Kiss Me With Your Mouth

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