Monday, October 6, 2014

Highlighters for Bible

Sometimes when I'm reading my bible I look at some highlighted words and I wonder to myself why did I highlight this?  Then I realize the highlighted verse is actually on the other side of the page. Even though the highlighters in this kit was made for the thin pages of the bible it still bleeds through. I tried using a pencil highlighter but it wasn't smooth and I had to go over the verses several times before it actually highlighted and it was so waxy I couldn't write not over it. Then one day as I was reading my bible I came across a verse I wanted to highlight but my bible highlighters were downstairs and frankly, I was too lazy to walk downstairs to get them. So I used a manga brush pen and discovered that they actually work better. Now the manga pens do bleed through, but not as much. If I only underline the words it doesn't bleed through at all. I usually use the yellow, orange and green manga pens. I think the purple pen would definitely bleed through. 

Manga pens are more expensive than the highlighters but if you use the 50% coupon at Joann's Fabrics or Michael's it is very affordable. The 50% coupons come out about once a month. Both stores and Hobby Lobby have weekly 40% coupons.

manga pen
other side of page

other side of page

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