Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun Breakfast

Children across the state had their STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academics Readiness) and Benchmark tests this week.  I thought the TAKS test was bad but apparently this test is more difficult. If the homework is any indication of what will be on the tests I just pray that God helps all our children. I'm having to look up stuff on the internet just to help my 5th grader.  And forget about helping my junior.  My brain has decided to delete the information I once learned in chemistry and geometry since it hasn't been accessed in over a decade.  Blame it on the politicians to give our students a test that puts more emphasis on standardized testing rather than actually learning all in the name of money. I won't blame any particular party as I think both have contributed to the downward spiral of our education.  But I digress from the subject....

I wanted to start the day off on a positive note so I arranged breakfast into a smiley face or at least I tried. Note to self: curve bacon before cooking so it will look like a smile.  Did the smiley faces go unappreciated?  I don't know. They're big boys and I think it's all the same to them.  But I think that somewhere deep inside they appreciated the effort.  And yes, those are Veggie Tales place mats.  

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  1. Love this breakfast! So adorable and looks delish! Yes, I agree benchmark tests and SOL's are crazy stressfull, I have a senior and one in Grade 7, and I feel like I am redoing highschool and middle school all over again, but the way they teach math today is very different from how I learned it....and doesn't make sense to me! My son in Grade 8 is already learning Algebra...yikes! Heather :)


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