Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leftover Peeps

Peeps...they're not just for eating anymore.  These colorful, animal-shaped marshmallows have become an endearing craft embellishment. Crafters are using Peeps in creative ways that I would have never thought of myself.  They are using them in wreaths, in flower arrangements, and making awesome dioramas in very hilarious settings.  But I do not have the time or patience to do any of those crafts.

There's only one thing my son and I like to do with Peeps.

BLOW them up in the microwave!  
This activity take less than 1 minute in the microwave and it's also healthier to nuke the Peeps in the microwave rather than eating them. The pictures do not do this justice. It really is fun and the kids get a good kick out of seeing the Peeps blow up to 4 times their original size.  FYI the snowman Peeps get really big.

Chick Peeps
Pumpkin Peeps

More Chick Peeps
Snowman Peeps

Other ideas for Peeps
These ads are on my church's facebook page and in our local newspaper.

I had to show this pic because I'm a nerd and it cracks me up.  

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