Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CTRL + Z Apology Card

CTRL + Z on the keyboard is the undo function. Unfortunately, it can only be applied to keyboard applications and not our our lives. I would be a billionaire if I could figure out how to create an UNDO function for our careless actions or build a time machine. But having an UNDO function might possibly cause people to be more careless and have a flippant attitude so it's probably best that there is not one available.

In life we make awful mistakes than can't be undone and no matter how much we wish we could undo our wrong it is too late.  The only thing we can do is learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.  This is an apology card I made for my husband.  I'm not Jewish but I decided to give it to him on Yom Kippur - day of atonement.

My inspiration came from a CTRL + Z card on Pinterest, but it was just a plain card with the letters on the front.

rough draft

Supplies:  Cricut "From My Kitchen" for oval, Cricut Learning Curve for letters, Tim Holtz/idea-ology metal accents, Making Memories vintage flowers, Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous "Flights of Fancy" stamp

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