Friday, March 20, 2015

Weight Loss Journey, Entry April 23, 2014. Our Dog Eats Better Than We Do

Last year my husband and I joined a gym and made a commitment to get healthy. We are so tired of being overweight. We look decent enough, but who wants to be decent? We want to be hot!

For a few months before joining the gym I had been writing down what I was eating in a spiral and it really opened my eyes to how easy it is to reach 1000 calories before dinner. I've never realized 9-10 chips is aproximately 150 calories and 2 tablespoons of salad dressing is easily 145 calories. No wonder I'm so freaking fat.

I decided to journal my weight loss journey. In my new journal I am going to record my thoughts, struggles, what I eat and when I actually exercise. I'm hoping that I can eliminate emotional eating by writing about my emotions instead of eating my emotions. I will also use the journal to keep me motivated and help me do better, eat better and exercise more often.

This is the first page of my journal. I realized while writing that my dog, Chimi, eats better than my family. Not only does she make better choices but we also make better choices for her as well--don't let the dog have chocolate or junk food she might get sick. My kids can freely choose their own food for snacking usually pick junk food. But our dog, she only gets junk food when it falls to the ground. Plus, our dog would rather have lettuce than Cheetos. She ignores the junk food on the floor and only when she realizes we are done eating for the day then she will eat it.  I think it's time to revamp my attitude towards food and start being mindful of what I eat and copy the dog. I also must start shopping wiser so my kids won't have the temptation of junk food in the house.

Journal Entry:  April 23, 2014

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