Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Frozen Birthday Card

I share a birthday with one of my nieces. Though we are 35 years apart we love the same things such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, art and making desserts. This year I decided to make her a card for her birthday. I was sort of straining my brain for ideas for a pre-teen. I didn't want a card that was too juvenille nor too old and unrelatable. Thankfully I happened to look in my Stampler's Sampler magazine from 2012. SS had a cupcake challenge and had published the contributors' artwork and it inspired me. 
The lady in the picture above used striped paper for the paper liner but I used the backside of a Starbucks sleeve instead because it has the ridges similar to a cupcake liner. 

spray ink on cardboard sleeve

I just copied the outline of the icing from the magazine and shaded the edges. The rest of the card was easy peasy because I used Frozen character stickers, Olaf ribbon and cut out the letters on the Cricut. For the snow on the letters I used mica flakes. Add a few embellishments, put Olaf on foam tape so he is slightly higher than the cupcake and ta-da the card is done. 

(Ugh. I need to take photography lessons. I see the shadows now on my computer screen.)

The mica flakes around the letters was actually a happy accident. I used the Xyron to turn the letters into stickers and the edges were still sticky. So when I poured the mica on the flourish some of it got on the letters and I realized it looked cool so I just poured mica on all of it. 

I was told that my niece loves her card and in return she sent me a beautiful drawing of Persephone. 

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