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Weight Loss Journey, Entry May 21, 2014

The struggle with eating continues....

May 21, 2014
Such a fat cow. Why would or should I expect anyone to desire me? 
I wish I had the ability to control my eating. I'm out of whack. I'm screwed up. Been this way several years now. I'm fat. My husband too. One of us needs to get in shape and motivate the other. 
When I feel like pigging out I'm glad he understands. But other days I wish he would slap that cookie out of my hand. But he's not going to. Because he knows I would do it back to him and he doesn't want that. When am I going to hate being a big tub of lard more than I love food? I fail everyday. Everday I fail at my eating. Everyday is the start of a new day which means I failed the day before. 


(Later same day)
This is the daily reminder on my phone. 
Eat differently, things haven't changed in years. 

Eat differently. Think differently. Change your habits. 

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