Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Excuse Me While I Waste More Time Pinning

This is so true. I got home from the grocery store around 9:30am and planned on cleaning the house. The computer was on and I remembered that I needed to fill out a volunteer form for my son's school. My intent was to be on the computer for 5 minutes at the most. BUT (as Pee Wee Herman says "there's always a big butt...") I got notification that someone pinned one of my items and I went to check it out. 3 hours later...I am still on the computer pinning and blogging and I as I sit here I am hoping that I at least put all the cold groceries away.  

If you don't know what Pinterest is allow me to explain. Imagine the world's largest online magazine filled with a huge assortment of subjects including fashion, makeup, style, recipes, exercise, humorous and witty quotes, crafts you plan to do, clever organization ideas, awesome photographs and art, pictures of beautiful people, ideas for your home, weddings, party ideas, etc. Like most magazines some of the pages appeal to you and your senses and you would like to dog ear the pages for future reference.

On Pinterest you get to "tear out the page" and pin it onto your own personal cork board. You can have as many different boards as you need for organization and easy reference. Now all the info that you are interested in is on one website.

I really do tear pages out of magazines and print out recipes I find online. I have so many plans of things I want to craft and food I want to make. Pinterest eliminates the paper mess. What I like most about Pinterest is that I no longer have to keep adding websites to my Favorites Bar which is already a mile long. Now when I come across a great blog or website I just add it to my "Blogs and Sites" board on Pinterest.

Pinterest also has marketing possibilities.  If you have an Etsy account or a blog that you want to drive traffic towards you can pin your own pictures to your board. You can ask family and friends to pin your items to their boards as well. If someone is interested in your product all it takes is one click of the mouse on the picture and the user is directed towards your site. An example would be a person sells hand-knitted scarves on Etsy. Their friend could "pin" pictures of the scarves onto a board called "My Style" and anyone who comes across the picture of a scarf can click on it and it automatically links to the Etsy account. Pretty cool, eh?

I call my Pinterest boards "The Boards of Good Intentions" because I know that I will not really make all the recipes and crafts that I pin and I don't have the money to buy the clothes on "My Style" board. But it is nice just thinking that someday I will.

Pinterest is a beautiful thing but they need to sell the walkstation because my butt has just gotten bigger from the hours of being on this addictive site.

Follow me on Pinterest and enter into my world where everything is pretty, but in reality everything around you needs to be washed, dusted, and organized.
Luke, join the dark pin side and we can waste time together.
Also, let me know and I'll follow your back on Pinterest as well.
If you don't have a Pinterest account click on the red button link "Follow Me @ Pinterest" on the sideboard or log straight onto and request an invitation and you will get an invite in a few hours.

The Walkstation is the fully integrated combination of an electric height-adjustable worksurface with an exclusively engineered, low speed commercial grade treadmill. And it's the first product in the entirely new FitWork™ category of products from Details designed to bring healthy habits to sedentary workers while they are actually working


  1. I'm not into Pinterest but you sure make me want to be. Very well written, funny and interesting or should I say "Pinteresting".

  2. I have never heard of Pinterest, but I'm not into scrapbooking, maybe the two coincide? I just read your comment and I am now returning the follow :) I look forward to reading your blog!
    ~One Mom's Moxie

  3. I banned myself from pinterest. I do not need another time-suck! Lol!
    I'm glad you dropped by happy hour projects! I couldn't find an email address for you so I hope its ok to leave you a comment about the link party.

    They are as addictive as pinterest. :) but they bring people by your site. At the bottom of the thumbnails, there's a button that says add your link. It will ask you for the url of your blog post, which you can copy and paste right from your browser bar. (click on your post first to get the address of your post, rather than the main page of your blog).

    In the name field, type the name of your post or project. Like, chicken casserole recipe, or trip to the zoo. Then add your email and click the bottom button to continue.

    Then it will take you to a page with all the pictures from that post, and you can choose which one you want to represent. Like, the finished casserole or your kids with ice cream all over. :) and that is it! nyone who thinks your picture looks interesting can click it and come visit your blog.

    I just started blogging in July and have learned quite a bit! Feel free to email me if you have questions, I am glad to help!



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