Friday, September 2, 2011

Good Bye August, Hello September

Students learning about historic preservation at the Jean [Jacob] Hasbrouck house

I'm throwing the shutters wide open and welcoming September with open arms. I'm waving good-bye to August gleefully! August you were an unbearably hot month. My state is 98% drought ridden. Good bye to you and your hot, stagnant air that breathed fire that even the cool breezes couldn't stand it and took vacation. Good bye to the lazy summer of accomplishing nothing because it was too hot to move anything more than my fingers. (The butt indentation in the office chair is evidence that I've been sitting far too long.) Good bye heat dome - I won't miss you! Good bye to dead vegetation that I see on every street including my own lawn. The sad part is that we won't really get a pretty fall because everything is dead already. Every time I pull up my driveway and look to where I planted flowers last fall this song comes to mind.

"All the flowers that you planted, mama
in the backyard
all died when you went away..."
 ~ Nothing Compares to You.

We're still in the 100s, but there is cool front arriving bringing the temp down to 98 degrees. You know it's hot when 98 is considered a cool front!

US Drought Monitor, August 30, 2011

Betcha Didn't Know Tidbit:
This is just a little tidbit that is related to the drought. I thought it was fascinating. I don't mean to be crass because the shuttle is a serious subject but I thought of Pee Wee Herman's foil ball when I saw this pic.

Drought leads to find of Columbia debris in East Texas

NASA has confirmed that a spherical artifact found in a drying lake in Nacogdoches was part of space shuttle Columbia, which broke up over Texas in 2003 when its heat shield failed.

This spherical artifact found in Lake Nacogdoches, which is drying up because of drought, is from the shuttle Columbia. (Nacogdoches PD)

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  1. Wow! I had no idea that was found!


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