Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lego Land Discovery Center

When I heard Lego Land Discovery Center had opened in Grapevine, TX I was very excited. My boys and I have always loved Legos and I thought it would be great fun. I assumed it would be a mini version of the Lego Land Park. Unfortunately, Disovery Center did not live up to my idea because it is more like a Chucke E. Cheese rather than an amusement park. And it is geared towards kids aproximately 9 yrs and under. Lots of play and brick building areas for young children and that's about it. There's one room that has buildings of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (pictures below). I assume that each Discovery Center will have buildings referencing the city that it is in. This room is actually pretty cool because we had a local connection to the landmarks.

Before we bought tickets we looked at the website. The online pictures and pop-up map are deceiving because it makes it look like a huge place when actually it is very small. To give you an idea of how small it is aproximately two Discovery Centers would easily fit in a Kohl's store. The site says Rides and Attractions but there is only one ride and it was a kiddie ride.

The ticket prices vary online but walk-up prices are $19 adult, $15 children.  I do not think Discovery Center is worth the price even if I had younger children. They are overcharging for adults because all they do is watch the kids. At least at Six Flags or water parks there is something for adults to enjoy.

In all fairness this is an excellent place for young children. They also have party areas and food available.

Furthermore if you're on the search for hard-to-find Legos you might find it in the store which is at the end of the center. 

Oh, and bring lots of sanitary wipes or gel because many grubby hands are touching all the bricks.

I forced my older son to go because the other child we invited couldn't come.

Cowboy Stadium

Tailgaters outside Cowboy Stadium

downtown Grapevine
various Dallas buildings

downtown Dallas

The one and only ride at Discovery Center.
Because it was a kiddie ride there is weight limitations and we had to ride separately.
3-D presentation

Ball Park in Arlington

Sponge Bob

The lighting in the room changed from day to night to show the lighting in the building and the fireworks.

downtown courthouse


  1. Awesome pics! Debs Dealz following you back! Thanks for visiting my site.

    Debs Dealz

  2. Thanks for the info. Your pics are good.


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