Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrapbooking Convention June 2011

I went to my first scrapbooking convention this past June. My sister and I were supposed to go together but she remembered that her son was graduating from high school and couldn't go. Jeez, some people have their priorities messed up. I can't stand going places by myself so I decided not to go either. But at the last minute I decided that I would put on my big girl panties and check it out...alone.

I was absolutely not prepared for this madness. The hallway leading to the convention room was very sedate. There were sign-up tables for classes but I didn't feel an excitement in the air. Everyone seemed to walking at a leisurely pace. When I first walked in it seemed a little mundane and ordinary. My first thought was "I'll be out here by 1 o'clock." But as soon as I got past the first booths and turned the corner there was a buzz in the air and it looked like Christmas shopping had begun.   Everyone had bags in their arms. Oh happy, happy, joy, and scrapbooking all under one roof. My eyes were darting in every direction because there were so many beautiful creations and I didn't know where to go first. Finally I spied many women clamoring at a particular booth and when I realized they sold Graphic 45 papers I knew what the fuss was about. I love, love Graphic 45 papers. They have the most unique papers. Though the booth space was small we all squeezed past each other in a chivalrous manner trying not to knock each other down with our ginormous butts bags and purses. Bring lots and lots of money because in that first booth alone I wiped out 50% of my budget on pretty paper.

I didn't know we were allowed to take pics so I was doing the James Bond technique and secretly taking pics with my phone. Then as I walked around I saw ladies openly taking pics with their camera and I asked if that was allowed and they said (I quote) "We don't know and we don't care. No one has said anything to us." Kahunas. I need a pair of those.

Bring a big bag to carry all your wonderful goodies. Women from out of town were staying at the hotel in the adjacent parking lot. When I first pulled in the parking lot I saw women walking from the convention center towards the hotel lugging massive amounts of stuff.  I assumed the stuff was their own personal supplies for a class. But I was wrong. Carol Anne...I have seen the light...that wasn't stuff for a class, those were shopping bags. They were walking to their rooms to drop off the load so they could go back and buy more. Either these ladies are rich, crazy, shopaholics, or super savers because it takes a lot of money to buy that much stuff.

The pics below are from the Crafty Secrets booth. I wish I could have taken a picture of everything. They have very talented artists. Their displays make me wish I an artist extraordinaire because I want to re-create everything. I was still trying to be inconspicuous while taking pictures which is why I don't have a lot.  Later that day near closing time I found out that they didn't mind people taking pictures.  Ugh.

I'm a little obsessed with "Alice in Wonderland" and now that Graphic 45 has come out with the Magic of Oz I will be obsessed with it too.

I bought the stamp set to make this card.

These pictures are from Melissa Frances' booth. I did a sit-down with her for $5. All proceeds went to the Breast Cancer Association. This lady is so cool.

Here's the quick project I did with Melissa.

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