Sunday, September 25, 2011

How To Create a List on Facebook

Does anyone know what all the fuss is about regarding the changes on facebook?  I haven't really experienced anything terrible...yet.  The news media made it sound like Armaggedon was arriving and I totally braced myself for some earth-shattering changes.  But as of...yet, I haven't really seen anything to make me shake my fist and say "Darn you facebook!"  I am still getting all my newsfeeds and I haven't really come across any friends that are blocked. I also haven't seen a stranger's post just because a friend commented on it. Perhaps ignorance is bliss and I should enjoy it now. 

However, I do like the new Lists feature.  This feature allows you to compile your pages or friends onto one list for quick viewing. I think this is actually a time saving feature.

Here's a tutorial on how to create a list.   I used "Restaurants and Food" as an example.
I also had to use a camera instead of screen shots because the screen shots showed too much info.

1. One the left hand column click on LISTS

2. Click on Create a List

3. Name Your List

4. Under Manage List select Add/Remove Friends

5. FB separates your friends and pages. Select your pages/friends and click Done.

6. See your new list in the column

7. Now when you click on the list it will show the newsfeed of the friends/pages you selected specficially for that list. 

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