Monday, November 7, 2011

Gratitude Challenge Day 7


I am really trying to follow those words right now.  I don't know if this fits into the Gratitude Challenge. I'm feeling out of sorts today. Friday I was annoyed by some teens who live in my neighborhood. They had just gotten off the bus and were loitering on the road.  Cars in the next lane were driving at 40-45mph so I got in the lane behind them because I didn't want them to get hurt. I assumed they were going to move to the sidewalk. But they refused to get on the sidewalk. I honked a friendly honk and the response I got was that MORE kids got on the road and started flipping me off.  I decided to go around them and honked steadily as I went past them.  Of course, as I am doing this some other driver is trying to illegally go around me by going over into the wrong side of the road to get past me. I was just so furious. I was so furious that I did an extremely stupid thing.  I followed him.  He stopped his truck and rolled down the window.  I asked him "Didn't you see those kids?" He said "No."  I never understand people who drive like maniacs in non-emergency situations. And those kids...argghhhh!  I seriously want to move out of this neighborhood even though I just posted I was thankful for my home.

Someone on Pinterest annoyed me even more with a comment about Christians under a very scandalous picture that was posted.  The bad thing about Pinterest is that when you first join you do not know how it works so they guide you by asking you if you would like to follow people you don't know. In your ignorance you say yes. I have not been bothered by anything anyone has posted until recently when Halloween came around. A girl posted a graphic pic that was not sexual, just gross. So I decided to unfollow the girl. But before I hit the "unfollow" button I looked at the comments out of curiosity and now I wish I had not. So now I'm fighting the desire to post a comment but I know it would be all for naught.

Lord, I need help in being quick to let go and forgive. Please grant me wisdom and peace so that I may not do irrational and crazy things like I did.  I am thankful for Your word, but I really need help in implementing it especially when I'm so offended.

Today I am grateful for words of wisdom because I know it is better to obey God's word than to follow my irrational emotions. I just wish I had better self control.

GOD'S WORD® Translation 
Better to get angry slowly than to be a hero. Better to be even-tempered than to capture a city. ~ Proverbs 16:32


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