Saturday, August 13, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Party

Here is my niece's Alice in Wonderland themed party. Since I am trying to maintain a level of security I will call my niece Miss M.  My sister has been planning this party for a long time. I think my sister did a fantastic job! I'm so glad she did this because Miss M and my son are the youngest children in our immediate family and it's probably one of the last children's parties we'll have for a long time...that make me a bit melancholy. Some pictures are distorted just like the movie where the queen had a humongous head.

My sisters and niece to the right.
Mad Hatter was Winner of Best Costume

Miss M and my cutie.

The children had menus and they were served as if they were in a restaurant.

I have gorgeous nieces!
Camera effect is Vintage Cold.
The Queen of Hearts and Staind.

My sister drew the Cheshire Cat.

Down the rabbit hole.

Pin the Tail on the Cat

Not too happy with the girly prize he won for pin the tail game.
He gave the prize to the runner up.

 A trivia game on the knowledge of Alice in Wonderland.

 Let the fashion show begin.

The goody bag table.

Time for Gifts

 Miss M's older brother Mr. M also had a birthday.

Our Queen of Hearts' bracelet.

Miss M's older brothers, cousins, and their friends.
This pic cracked me up because it was taken at the right moment where it looks like Mr. M is biting his brother's knuckles.

Sparkly make up

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  1. How fun! What a neat idea for a party.


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