Monday, August 1, 2011

Amusing Pillows and Beds

My son likes to look at a website about gags and jokes. One day while he was on the site I happened to see these stone pillows on the page and it piqued my curiosity. I did a general search on "stone pillows" and a variety of other odd pillows came up as well. Here are few pillows and beds that I thought were interesting and fun.


Stone Pillows

BLT Pillow at Diffractionfiber

Girlfriend Pillow

Blood Puddle Pillow

This one makes me laugh.

Scrabble Pillows

Tissue Dispensing Pillow
I need this during the winter.
available at


Cinderella Bed

Cosmovoide Bed
Costs a mere $60K.

Floating Bed
It took an architect 6 years to develop.
Magnets cause this bed to float.

Molecular Bed


  1. You find all the coolest stuff! Thanks for keeping me up to speed on cool. Love those pillows.

  2. I want the Cinderella bed.


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