Saturday, July 30, 2011

Follow Up on "Fry Day" and "Star Wars Cookie Cutter" Posts

"Cookie Cutter and Pancake Mold" update
The pancake and cookie cutter molds that I ordered from Williams-Sonoma came in the mail last week.  Since my youngest was at VBS I had to wait until he came back to try out the pancake molds.

My griddle isn't completely flat so the batter is leaking out.

These pancakes were destroyed by the Empire.  (Really I didn't use enough Pam spray.)

Ummm...these look nothing like the pictures on the package.

Finally, these look better! I switched to a single frying pan and blasted the molds with cooking spray.

The secret is to cook at a low temperature, generously spray the molds with Pam, and make sure your griddle or pan is even.

"Fry Day" post update
I did go back to Hobby Lobby and the sale on summer stuff was 80% off.  The red coffee cup planter was gone but there was still a blue one left.  I got it for $4.00. I just love a good deal!

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