Friday, July 22, 2011

Join the Clubs at Quiznos, Godiva, Schlotzsky's, Barnes & Noble

All clubs are free except for Barnes and Noble.

Go to
Click on Q Club
Sign up and you will be able to print 4 coupons.
1) Free Sub
2) Free cookie or chip
3) 2 meals for $9.99
4) $1 or $2 off subs
Coupons expire 8/14/11
I do not know if you will still receive coupons when you join after that date.
Click on Rewards Club
Every month you will get a freebie or coupon or savings of some sort.
The closest Godiva store to me is about 30 miles away but a girl can hope that one day to be in the store with a good coupon.
Under the Fun tab
Join the Bun & Fun eclub
You will get savings and specials notifications.
This year I actually got a free sandwich for my birthday.

If you haven't heard by now all Borders stores are closing.  I would have told you that the $20 membership is worth it because every month they give 30-40% coupons plus you get extra 10% discount as a member.  You can still sign up for free at their site but I don't know if they will be issuing coupons anymore since markdowns will be happening soon.
So all we have left is Barnes and Noble and their coupons are few and far between. However, you do get 10% off at their Starbucks bar. (But their cups are slightly smaller than regular Starbucks.) So if you drink a lot of coffee the $20 membership might be worth it to you. This past Christmas they sent a great coupon for a BOGO on boxed Godiva chocolate (any size).  That paid for my membership because I got an $18 box for free.

Here's a pic of the "same" size at B&N and Starbucks.  B&N is slightly smaller.  However, I took this picture a year ago.  The way businesses run to get the bottom dollar, Starbucks has probably reduced the size of their cups as well.  I guess I'll have to buy coffee at both places to see if this still holds true.

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