Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fat Loading Days on the HCG Diet

I started the Hcg Diet today (7/5/11). This diet has the best start of any diet I've ever been on and it's called Fat Loading Days. For the first two days of the diet you are supposed to just pig out and eat as much fat as possible. How I wish it was a one entire week of fat loading days!! Today was really different for me because I looked at food labels and I was searching for the highest fat content. Without guilt I ate Cheetos and FRIED (not baked) sweet potato fries. At 9:30pm tonight I was making lemon bars. I'm planning on making creme brulee' or a cheesecake or cupcakes with butter cream frosting tomorrow since it's the last fat loading day.  I may be crazy enough to bake 2 of the 3.  I told my husband we're eating hamburgers tomorrow.  The Hcg book says the more fat you eat the better. When was the last time you saw that in a diet book?

I just hope after eating so much for 2 days that I can adjust to the 500 calorie a day menu for the next 21 days. 15 days from now I may post that I'm starving.  But the Hcg is supposed to make one feel full.  So far in my life I have found that no diet pill has ever made me full.  I do think a lot of diet pills and ads are full of BS. I think I've tried every diet pill on the market and finally stopped buying them when Alli affected me in a very negative way.  But I know someone who did the Hcg diet and lost weight. My sister informed me her coworker has lost 30 pounds.  I hope to be posting those same results.


  1. How's it going? A friend of mine tried it and her body hated her! She had to stop. I'm curious!

  2. Lauren,
    First of all, I gained 2 pounds after eating 500 cal for 2 days. Then miraculously they dropped.
    I don't know who these people are who say the Hcg makes them feel full and have to force themselves to eat. I'm starving. But I only have 16 more days to go before I go on Atkins. Yipee!

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