Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation for Me and My Son

My 10-year old son is away until Friday attending vacation bible school at my brother's church. My brother is an amazing youth pastor of a church in Grapevine. Even though he and his wife are in charge of hundreds of kids and their activities for an entire week they still offered to take my son so he can attend with his cousins. I don't think I could be that generous. I think I would be too frantic and "raven" mad to even consider taking one more kid aboard. But that's why they're leaders at church and I'm not.

I am really grateful to my brother and sister-in-law for inviting my son. I already got some feedback that he's having a blast. I love that he's learning about Jesus and having a great time! The day before our son left he told my husband, "Tomorrow I'm going to begin to party!" So I guess he really meant it.  My partying was staying up until 4am reading "The Help" because I knew I didn't have to be awake for him the next day.

As much as I love my child and miss him I feel like I'm on a vacation too. I feel like this because I don't have to do eye and physical therapy every day this week. His therapy doesn't take a long time but we have to fit it in the day and there's attitudes and schedules to deal with. Another reason I feel like I'm getting a break is because my son usually hogs the computer playing a game called Gary's Mod. Normally we wouldn't let him play so long on the computer but he has found friends online. They talk while they play and do funny stuff. I think it's wonderful that my son is carrying conversations with other boys. I desperately want him to learn how to have deep meaningful conversations with other kids. One of the traits of autism/Asperger is not having good communication skills. Many autistic kids are able to have a good conversation, but it depends on the subject.  If it's something they like they can talk for a long time.  If it's a subject that doesn't interest them they usually don't respond and the conversation may be a very dry and short.  My son can have mediocre conversations with his classmates, but not what I would consider friendship bonding. He's able to talk to his online friends for hours because they are all obsessed with the same game. But I believe he's developing some skills and that's why he gets to be on the computer for hours.  Because he and my other son are on the computer during the day I wait until midnight to get on the computer, but today I didn't have to wait which makes me feel a sense of freedom.

While I have some free time I plan on straightening my storage room and my craft area this week.  But I have a feeling I may be spending a lot of time on the computer instead.

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