Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gerard Butler and Spammers

Everyday I'm inundated with spam, spam, spam.  I usually click and delete and never bother with them.  But recently I've had to start taking a good look before I delete them because I have received responses from companies that only show the person's name. I assume the Sender would show the company name, but alas companies are not that practical or smart. An example is a confirmation of reservations from a hotel coordinator.  I expect the hotel name to be the Sender but it was the actual lady's name which I did not recognize or remember. So I deleted her email and called back a month late telling them they never sent the info I requested.
So here I am looking at the spam carefully before I delete them and I see Gerard Butler has sent me an email.
My practical brain knows that he would never send me an email, but for a nanosecond it was a little thrilling.
Then I looked at the subject line and it was "Vi!aagrraaa".
These spammers are getting smarter by inserting recognizable names, but they still haven't learned how to spell.  LOL.

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