Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 7 of Hcg Diet

Pounds lost: 2.   Days of suffering: 5.

I am not having a positive experience on this diet.
I am starving no matter how much water and tea I drink.
Who are these people who say they feel full because of the drops?
Where is this 1/2--1 lb a day weight loss that's supposed to happen on this miracle diet?

I was online looking for tips and I just found out that if you eat over 500 calories you actually gain weight. Technically aren't you only supposed to gain weight when you eat enough calories to gain a pound?  Doesn't this go against human nature?  Isn't anyone alarmed by this?

More importantly why wasn't this info printed in bold at the top of the pamphlet I received with the Hcg drops?

The person who wrote that we will gain weight if we eat over 500 calories has done 3 rounds of Hcg so I'm going to assume that she knows what she's talking about.  It's no wonder I haven't lost weight. I'm probably eating 560 calories which leaves me starving, but without results because it's still over the 500 calorie limit.

The guideline pamphlet that came with the drops is really like androgynous Pat from Saturday Night Live. The directions and menu guides are vague and nondescript. And you are left wondering what is it and how am I supposed to be doing this exactly?

The big no-nos on Hcg is oil, butter, fats, and sugar. So the first time I made French onion soup I wasn't quite sure what to do when the recipe says cook onions for 10 minutes. It does not say cook onions in water. I know that the onions will burn if I just throw them in the pot. But what about people who don't always cook?  I can see them burning onions because of the lack of directions.

They also have dessert recipes.  But there's no dessert in the menu guide.  And if I eat dessert do I skip lunch or a snack?  Do I even have to skip anything?  

I went to the website looking for more details and directions.  The website was only slightly more helpful.

I going to give the grade of D- to the pamphlet and the website a C+.
I got more information off a forum board rather than the company that actually sells the Hcg drops.
Oh well....now I know to keep it strictly to 500 calories.
We'll see what happens.


  1. I know its frustrating but stick to it girl. Your body is fighting to hold on to its fat supply. Show your body who's boss. Mind over matter.

  2. Please be careful!

  3. Dr. Oz did a segment about the HCG diet. All I had heard about were the drops, but evidently people are also getting shots of it from their doctors. Anyway, they tested all brands of the drops and found that they contain varying amounts of the hormone and some of them don't even contain ANY HCG! Since it isn't regulated, they can put any amount in the bottles they sell. His advice was to stick to the shots, but avoid the drops because you don't know what you're actually getting for your money. Just an FYI... Hang in there!

  4. Jen, thanks for the FYI. Maybe that's why I'm not losing weight as quickly as the others at the support group on FB. I thought I was being smart by ordering from the same site as my friend who lost 37 lbs. Oh well. I have 10 more days to go and unfortunately I have another bottle I have to use but I'll do that later.


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