Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pixie Dust and Fairy Cards

Here's a picture of a fairy card and "dust" I made for my nieces in New York.
The fairy is from Graphic 45 Spring Collection and the butterfly border is from K's Company.
The glitter on the fairy wings and border are not really a thick glitter but rather a transparent glitter from Stickles. Color is Crystal. The picture just looks like I went crazy with glitter.

Shimmer Powder
The pixie dust is actually a shimmer stick that I got it in a set. I really wanted to use old world colors, but I could not find ribbons that worked together from my 2 boxes of ribbons.  I decided to go with Barbie colors instead because this is for young girls and girls love pink.  

I accidentally started writing in cursive and then realized that print would be better.

Although my nieces are very young they are also child prodigys so I wasn't sure how to go about writing my letter. Would they see through my make believe letter?  I had a long story in mind but I decided to shorten it so it would fit on the card.  I sewed bells on the ends of the ribbon so when they carry the bottle and the bells jingle it will feel more magical.

I got an email from my cousin (their mother) telling me the girls love it and the girls really do believe that I gathered fairy dust for them.

And then a couple of days later...
I received a video message from my niece asking why she's not flying from the pixie dust.
Oh dear, what to say?  I finally thought of a response:

 Riley, I think you have to actually get dusted by a pixie herself to fly. I tried dusting myself too and I didn't fly. I really hoped I would though. Also, the dust I gathered might have come from garden fairies and their job is to help flowers and plants grow.

Here are some other cards I have made. I just started scrapping in October of 2010 so I'm not to the level of those who are published. But I am definitely inspired to do better. I really want to do mixed media, but for now I think I'll stick with paper, stickers, and glue.  I need Tim Holtz or Wendy Vecchi to come to town and do a class so I can learn what all the Ranger products are for and make cool stuff.  I just ordered Tim's DVD on Amazon.

Inside of cards

Hubby's B-day card and Alice card for myself

Inside of cards


  1. I think your work is gorgeous

  2. These are so pretty! I love this cute idea. My 3YO is a big fairy fan.

  3. Rockmom, if I get faster at making cards I'll send you one. I'm such a slow crafter that I get attached to them.


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