Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bizarre Wedding Table

I found this picture and I just had to share it because I can only imagine how children would react if they sat down to a table such as this. Composure would be totally out the window and they would be constantly giggling much to the dismay of their parents. I know that children would probably not be invited to an event with this table but it is still a funny thought.

I have a print of Michelangelo's "Creation of Man" and I've personally seen kids' surprise and embarrassment upon seeing this print. They laugh at Adam's tee tee. I never thought of it before but I wonder if that changes their opinion of me. What kind of lady has a picture of a nude man in her house?

When I was a child we frequently visited my parent's good friend. My siblings and I called her our aunt even though technically we're not blood related. (Well, I hope we're not blood related because my sister is married to one of her sons.) My aunt had an wooden statue of an abstract female form in her living room. Now that I think about it, it was really a beautiful piece. But when were kids it was just something we laughed at. I personally avoided looking at it. One time during a party my aunt's sons dared my brother to kiss the statue's chest for 25 cents. Now in the seventies 25 cents could buy a bag of Brachs mixed candy and to a 6 yr. old that's a lot of candy. So my brother walked right out in the living and kissed that statue. Our father was talking to a group of men and witnessed the whole thing. I'm sure he was in shock. My brother got in trouble but so did the sons. So if that little 2-foot statue in my aunt's house created such a stir, I believe the pink table setting could cause a riot.

The abstract statue was similar to this except it had more detail and was lovelier.

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