Friday, August 26, 2011

Van's Natural Foods Waffles and Pancakes Coupon

Van's is a wheat free, organic and all-natural breakfast.  I usually serve this brand to my son because it's not loaded with chemicals and doesn't seem to make his ADD worse. Being the not-so-perfect parent I must admit that during the summer it's an all-out chemical fest with Toaster Strudel, cinnamon rolls, Fruit Roll Ups, and Eggo waffles. But during the school year breakfast has to be healthy and time is not always on our side so I choose Van's.  But Van's is slightly higher in price than Pillsbury and Eggo so a coupon is always welcome.

There's a coupon for Van's on Facebook. I don't know how long it will be available so hurry.
"Like" Van's Natural Foods on Facebook.
Click on Breakfast with Benefits on the left side and you should be able to print out coupon.
If you cannot print out coupon your secure browsing is probably enabled. Try this (copied off Van's wall):

To get the coupon, Like this page > go Account (upper right) > Account Setting > Security (upper right) > Secure Browsing > Edit > uncheck Box > Save Settings Log Out. Log in. Log Out again > Log in > Search Vans > Find Breakfast w/Benefits Link (left sidebar) > Get Coupon > Go back and Turn On Secure Browsing again - what a chore! (hope this helos, it worked in Firefox 3)

If this doesn't work email them at and ask them for a coupon.  

Kroger has a sale this week until August 30th on Van's waffles for $1.99. With coupon it will be .99 cents.

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