Monday, October 17, 2011

Chimi the Chihuahua

This is my dog, Chimi. Her real name is Chimichanga Chunk. She is a big chihuahua.
Chimi does not think that she is a dog. She never lets any dog near her. Only one time she allowed another female chihuahua to sniff her, but that only lasted for about 15 seconds. I have tried presenting a newborn puppy to Chimi and she was deathly afraid of the puppy. She wouldn't even look at it. Anytime we try to get a dog around her she acts as if we're abusing her and looks at us like "What have I done to deserve this?"
Chimi does not lick people, does not dig in the dirt, runs away when you say "come", does not chew on dog treats, and only likes mild weather.  She definitely does not act like a "normal" dog.
Actually, Chimi thinks she is human and thinks that she is one of my kids...seriously. When I say "time to eat"  or anything towards my children she gets excited as if I'm talking to her. Just like a kid she takes all her toys out of her toy box but doesn't play with them.  And Chimi follows me as I walk around the house which my kids used to do when they were toddlers.

Chimi @ 6 years (human)

Toddler Chimi

When Chimi was a puppy she fit in a shoe box.

Today I moved her bed and found her treats that she had hid. She has barely chewed any of them.

Here is what she would rather chew...a napkin.  It's a mystery.

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