Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kroger Grand Opening

Oh AGE, what have you done to me?!?!  A tell-tale sign that I have been hit with that crazy thing called AGE is that I was excited about Kroger's grand opening.  There once was a time when I was excited about concerts, hanging out with my friends at clubs, and buying uber cool outfits (I still get excited about clothes) and a grocery store was just a BORING place to get food. These days I would dread going to a dance club and a grocery store grand opening is a beau coup event.  I suppose being foodies is what makes us love this stuff.

And as nerdy as I am, I am currently awaiting on the grand openings of Chipotle close to my home and Eatzi's which is a European-style eatery, where every day is another chance to create great food for great people.  Woo-hoo!

Eatzi's I can't wait for you to open!

I love small things - mini cart.
Free samples of smoked sausages.  
Hubby got a frisbee from Boar's Head and I got a back pack.

Pumpkins Everywhere!
Turban pumpkin                                                     We want a pumpkin chimenea.

Looks like Kroger is competing with Walmart now.

Sushi Bar
Turn your oranges into fresh juice.

Exotic Fruits
I like these colors.
Got to find a recipe with cactus.

On-site pineapple coring.
Mahi-Mahi and Shrimp
Ugly Monk fish
Not worth the $4.99/lb.

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