Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday Garage Sale Finds

I love garage sales. I am always excited when I find an item that I can't believe someone is willing to sell. 
I got this painting for only $5. It's a good-sized painting which is why I was surprised it was only five bucks.  A lady painted it for the seller's son. He didn't want it anymore and kept it in his mom's garage for years and that's why she sold it.  The inscription on the back is dated my son's birthday which I thought was pretty cool.

Torchiere lamp $7

50 cents: The book has seen better days but I had this book when I was a child. 

50 cents: planning on using these trinkets for scrapbooking.


I also went to an estate sale. I thought it was a hoarder's house because it was jammed pack full of stuff. I assumed the owner had passed away because an estate sale company was managing the sale. Many items were priced way too high for a garage sale such as the Barbie and Ken doll below. The price tags were $300 and $195 respectively.  After talking to one of the sales ladies I found out that the the estate sale was for a lady who has breast cancer and it has spread to her spine. After hearing this news I tried to find something to buy because I wanted to help. So I rummaged in the $1-2 boxes and managed to find these items. On the last day of the estate sale the prices were going to drop 50% which was very tempting, but I already had other plans and couldn't go back. She had a lot of Hallmark Star Trek and Star Wars Keepsake ornaments that I would have gone back for. I still would not buy the Barbie for $150 though. Hopefully I don't see that same Barbie on Antiques Road Show valued at $700 or something ridiculous that will make me regret not buying it.

$6.50: Mod Podge, Suze Orman book and cd, 2 cans of Fleck Stone, door stop, bathroom bottle holder, and baggie full of needles and small scissors.


$195. I think my older sister had this doll with the same clothes.

Not to be graphic but see the zipper on Ken's pants?  They don't make Barbie clothes like this anymore. 

I love antiques.

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