Thursday, October 13, 2011

How Do I Love Pinterest? Let Me Count the Ways

So many reasons to love Pinterest. In just the few of months that I've been pinning I've seen so many amazing pictures, clever ideas, recipes, posters, inspirational and motivational words, downloads, tutorials, and fashion boards that I probably would have never seen if it wasn't for Pinterest.  And I don't think I've laughed so much in a while. I always enjoy creativity and humor rolled into one.

I wish I could get a job pinning. The experts always say do what you love and then the money comes around. It would be a job that I wouldn't mind doing overtime.

Here are just 20 reasons why I love Pinterest. I can't list all the reasons because this post would be 100 pages long.
1.  Good for Laughs
No bacon?! Oh no!  Nailed it! 
 No Bacon?                                                                                                    Falcon...happy falcon

2 .  Fashion                                                             

this alexander mcqueen dress is hands down the most beautiful dress ive ever seen in my whole life.
      Pinned Image argyle skirt

3.  Beauty Tips
Pinned Image     Pinned Image

4.  Wedding Ideas
cakes-online-039     Pinned ImageLove Potion Favor

5.  Party and Entertaining Ideas

6.  Amazing Cakes
Pinned Image     Hello Kitty Cake

7.   Huge Array of Photographs and Pictures
   Pinned Image     blue light

8.  Tutorials
Grungy Flower Tutorial

9.  Links for Cool Gifts or Hand Made Products
15% Off Sale Washcloth Rosebud Bouquet / Baby Shower Gift/ Hospital Gift/ Bridal Shower Gift  Available in Boy, Girl, Neutral , Bridal     Pinned ImagePatterns

10.  Links to Dessert Recipes
      Pinned ImagePecan Pie Taffy

11.  Links to Savory Recipes
DSC_0028     Pinned Image

12.  Free Downloads

13.  Personal Inspiration
Pinned Image     Pinned ImagePinned Image1 Peter 3:4

14.  Clever Ideas Shared
      Pinned ImageGlow Stick Lantern
The Dog Whisperer

15.  Links to Wonderful and Creative Websites
     5083076358_f8953e90b9 food52

16.  Links to Natural Remedies

17.  Useful and Inexpensive Household Tips
     Pinned Image DIY Net

18.  Teaching Tools & Crafts for Kids
073010-dulpo-1.jpg      Pinned Imagecraft w/ shaving cream & glue

19.  Holiday Decor Ideas
 Pinned Image     Pinned Image  Masked Pumpkins

20.  Memories Long Forgotten are Reawakened  
Pinned Image     Pinned Image
The Ginghams Paper Doll download 

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